‘Ready Player One’ Film Also Pays Homage to 80s Gaming

When it comes to 80s gaming there is no doubting the fact that it was a golden age. A new film is on the horizon and Ready Player One actually pays homage to 80s gaming. The latest trailer for the film featured a couple of 80s Easter eggs that we absolutely love.

“Warner Bros. released a new trailer today for Ready Player One, the Steven Spielberg-directed virtual reality epic based on the novel of the same name,” according to Digital Trends.

“The new trailer is more story-oriented than the action-filled teaser we saw at Comic-Con, but it’s still, like, totally packed with 1980s nostalgia and pop culture references in nearly every frame.”

In the trailer a DeLorean is racing around, there is a light cycle and many more nods to the golden decade of gaming. On top of the gaming references, it’s easy to note that the classic Van Halen track “Jump” is playing in the background.

“Spielberg directed the movie and stayed true to the obsessive ’80s nostalgia from the novel, although he did drop a few things from the book,” according to the report.

“In an interview with Collider from 2016, he said he tried to avoid referencing any of his own films.”

You can check out the trailer for Ready Player One below and look for the film to release on March 18, 2018.

Ready Player One Trailer


Author: Navi

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