More 80s Music Shows to Keep in Mind

While another year is here, it doesn’t mean the impact of the 80s is gone. There are venues that are keeping 80s music shows on their lists and we have one venue in particular that you may want to keep track of.

More 80s Music Shows to Keep in Mind

“Pop and dance music were presented by such bands as Duran Duran, the Eurythmics, and the Cure. Others came and went in record time, like Modern English and Gary Numan. How many out there remember Dexy’s Midnight Runners?” questioned The Sacremento Bee’s Mel Shields.

“The decade has been the brunt of humor since, but the music persists, and a group out of San Francisco has been bringing it back in all its splendor for some years now. They appropriately call themselves Tainted Love after one of their anthems (the song was written in 1964 but a cover of it by Soft Cell in 1981 brought it back to the fore), and they fill the stage with keyboards, outrageous fashions and flowing hair.”

Dexy’s Midnight Runners is actually back and they will be bringing 80s hits with them, according to the report. The band will be playing the Harrah’s Tahoe venue and from what we can tell, some favorites will be among the setlist.

“Hungry Like a Wolf,” “Obsession,” and “Safety Dance” are just some of the songs mentioned in the report and it’s shaping up to be a big treat for an 80s fan. To learn more about this event and more 80s events, click here.

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