More 80s-Styled Arcades Are Popping Up: Keg and Coin

Back in the 80s arcades were more of an innocent place where kids could go to have fun without worrying about adults. Now, as adults, some of us want to go right back to those places, though, it wouldn’t hurt to have a brew or two right? Well, as we have reported in recent months, the 80s-styled arcade is making its way back. However, some places like Keg and Coin are giving it a little twist, one that many may enjoy.

More 80s-Styled Arcades Are Popping Up: Keg and Coin

“The upbeat intro music of dozens of arcade cabinets sets the relaxed ambiance of Keg and Coin, an expansion of Beer:30 on King Street,” according to

“Along with Beer:30’s selection of craft beer and soda, the new gameroom offers a mix of original 1980s arcade games, extreme sport racing games of the 1990s, a wall of pinball machines and traditional staples like foosball and skee-ball. Exchange dollar bills for quarters at one of its two change machines, drop a couple of coins into a game and press start.”

This totally sounds like a place an 80s fan can get lost it. Someone who thrived in the 80s but seeks an arcade tailored to an adult that isn’t a Dave and Busters. These arcades are becoming much more popular and at this rate, millennials may start joining in on the fun with the retro gaming and a solid craft beer selection.

“We really tried to touch on the cultural trends of the time,” said Brooks Whalen, one of the co-managing partners of Keg and Coin, according to the report.

“You look around, a lot of the art in here, the games, the T-shirts, it will bring back memories for different people, but coming in here they’ll see something that reminds them of their childhood in a good way.”

80s reminders and influence is still very much all around us, however, these seem much different in the sense that you can throw a quarter into a machine and literally be transported to simpler times. To learn more about Keg and Coin, click here.

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