Do You Agree with this Ranking of 80s Horror Villains?

When it comes to horror villains, most people will tell you they were pretty much born in the 80s. We aren’t talking Nosferatu or werewolves, we’re talking 80s horror villains that have zero conscious. A recent ComicBook list ranked some of the scariest horror film villains of the 80s with some pretty iconic contenders.

Do You Agree with this Ranking of 80s Horror Villains?

“The ’30s and ’40s made monsters like Dracula, Wolf Man, the Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster memorable icons, earning themselves a slew of sequels. It wouldn’t be until the ’80s that any horror character dominated the pop culture landscape, yet in 10 short years, audiences grew to love characters known for their murderous methods,” according to ComicBook.

“The ’50s and ’60s leaned more heavily on real-world fears, tapping into a variety of science fiction themes than monsters that audiences had grown familiar with.”

This stuff was all child’s play compared to the villains that came out of the 80s. These guys were nightmares beyond your imagination, in some cases, literally nightmares. That’s just a little hint of one of the bad guys on the list.

The list features: Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, Leatherface and Michael Myers. We have to agree that Michael Myers is one of the absolute most terrifying 80s villains to ever be created. Like Jason, you could be in another state and Myers would probably catch up to you without breaking a sweat.

To add to the creepy factor, Myers was a giant, never spoke on work or screamed when he was “hurt” and that darn mask was 100 times scarier than a stupid hockey mask.

We’re sure you could come up with plenty more 80s horror villains. Let us know if you agree with this list or if you think there is a villain missing. We should also note that Elvira was given an honorable mention. To check out the complete breakdown from ComicBook, click here.

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