Call Me by Your Name’s 80s Fashion Shines

The film Call Me by Your Name may be critically acclaimed for many reasons, though we wouldn’t put the 80s track suit as the number one reason. That being said, it’s undeniably one of the best outfits to come out of the decade. Why? Because even today, the Adidas track suit is a go-to for folks of all ages.

Call Me by Your Name’s 80s Fashion Shines

“There are a lot of reasons why Call Me by Your Name is one of the most loved films of the year; among them are the film’s excellent but understated ’80s costumes,” according to GQ.

“The faded polo shirts, high-top sneakers, thigh-baring (sometimes more baring) shorts even helped turn one of the stars of the film, Armie Hammer, into the heartthrob of the moment.”

GQ is still backing the Adidas track suit as one of the best aspects of 80s fashion that still shines today. It was a symbol for the breakdancers of the decade and well, it pretty much fit anyone. Not to mention, these track suits are ridiculously comfortable.

“Now, while out promoting the movie in Europe, Armie Hammer is bringing that early-’80s flavor into his real-life wardrobe with the Adidas Superstar track suit,” according to the report.

“The 31-year-old has worn the staple everywhere from airports to art galleries and, we have to say, it’s almost as cool as the actor’s billowy button-down shirts in CMBYN.”

If you check our Hammer’s Instagram page, you’ll see that he’s quite partial to the functional yet fashionable track suit. Thank goodness for the Adidas track suit.

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