Can 80s-Styled Arcades Make A Nationwide Comeback?

How many of us find ourselves looking to play an Atari or an Nintendo NES game at an 80s-styled arcade after watching kids these days enjoy their own systems? Taking a kid to Chuck E Cheese or even going to an establishment like Dave and Busters really brings back some serious memories. Though, the games that are housed at these arcades aren’t the classics we loved.

Can 80s-Styled Arcades Make A Nationwide Comeback?

It would seem very difficult to find an arcade that carries the same amount of nostalgia as the 80s games did. That being said, with the rate at which the Super NES and NES Classic consoles sold in stores worldwide, it’s safe to say that it could be a viable option. We think 80s-styled arcades are not only easy to bring back, but it would also be a super popular option.

Like the arcade we reported on last week, we too feel that it could be a great place for generations to bridge a gap and find the same joys older generations had. Even if it means adding some of the 80s titles to already existed arcades, it could make all the difference.

It’s the experience that these games and arcades brought that is worth revisiting. Playing at home is cool but playing with the arcade atmosphere around you is a whole other feeling. It’s competition and enjoyment in one. Everyone wants to have the high score.

After all, the 80s fads keep piling up, especially in the entertainment industry. 80s-gaming became a “fad” for the new generation with the release of the aforementioned consoles while all fads seem to have an expiration date, stores can stock enough of these consoles. The demand is there and we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t absolutely love to visit and 80s arcade and play our favorite titles.

Would you support 80s-styled arcades if they were to make a comeback? Do you think your kids or this generation would be able to appreciate it? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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