Jalopnik Looks Back on the Buick GNX

In the 80s there were a slew of muscle cars that just screamed aggression and raw power. The Buick GNX was no exception to that notion. Now, we find ourselves in the year 2018 and 80s muscle cars like the GNX are still being explored. What we can say is revisiting this muscle just makes us want to start the search to find out.

Jalopnik Looks Back on the Buick GNX

“Buick went against the traditional muscle car formula in the mid-1980s to create the muscle car that defined muscle cars for that era,” according to Jalopnik.

“Instead of the normal, big V8 in a mid-sized car, the 200-horsepower Grand National and later 276-horsepower GNX (Grand National Xperimental) made use of a turbocharged V6 with glorious, glorious boost.”

The Jalopnik article features much of the GNX’s upsides while pointing out a very crucial downside. Though, it does not make the car any less desirable.

“Buick didn’t build the Grand National to turn corners, though, because it gave the car a rear axle traction bar specifically to make it go quickly in a straight line. This was a drag racer’s daily ride,” according to the report.

The lines on the car were heavy and demanded respect and overall it was one of the rides that really makes us happy that some automakers are preserving the muscle car look. While, there is no inclination that Buick would ever bring such a beast of an automobile back, we’ve got to say that we’re quite curious as to what it would look like in modern form.

To check out the full rundown on the Buick GNX from Jalopnik, click here.

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