80s Motorsport Era Honored by MotorSport Online

The 80s was a golden decade for many popular sporting events. The 80s motorsport scene was absolutely incredible with drivers, teams and cars that exceeded the expectations of spectators all over the world. This month, MotorSport Online is paying homage to the 80s motorsport era by naming it 80s month.

80s Motorsport Era Honored by MotorSport Online

“The ’80s was a great time to discover a love of motor sport. True, the allure of Groups B, A and C didn’t do much for my schooling  I always much preferred reading my own syllabus of Autosport, Motor Sport and Motoring News to anything provided by my teachers – but my voracious appetite for all things race and rally sowed the seeds for a lifelong passion. One that ultimately led me here,” writes Dickie Meaden of MotorSport Online.

“Consequently, my memories from those days are both fond and vivid, even if they are a distressingly long time ago. It seems funny now, looking back on a time before the internet or satellite TV. Opportunities to watch motor sport were few and far between, but salvation was at hand on a Saturday afternoon, thanks to the BBC’s Grandstand and ITV’s World of Sport programmes.”

The world of motorsports has evolved tenfold since the 80s but it is never to be forgotten. Like Meaden many of us can remember the Indy 500 in the 80s as well as the Daytona 500 stateside. These are some of the largest spectator events to this day in the U.S. and it has ushered in fresh faces decade after decade. It’s important to remember the drivers that paved the way. Dale Earnhardt Sr. won his first Winston Cup Championship in 1980 and plenty more after that.

There was an undeniable air about the 80s motorsport scene whether it be NASCAR, GT Cup, Indy racing or MotoGP. There was excitement and while there was plenty of danger, there were plenty of brilliant and memorable moments to offset them. To read Meaden’s full breakdown of the 80s motorsport era, click here.

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