NYFW Displays Tons of 80s Retro Styles

We’ve continued to showcase just how much the 80s proceeds with influencing the fashion of today. This year at New York Fashion Week, 80s retro styles were at the forefront. A recent piece from The Sydney Morning Herald showcased some of the pieces that were total nods to the 80s.

NYFW Displays Tons of 80s Retro Styles

The report cites a number of 80s retro styles including banana clips, crazy lips, wigs, lashes and numerous other accessories.

“The eighties revival is upon us where hair and makeup are all about more is more. My beauty hero: David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust,” writes Stephanie Darling.

“One of our favourite shows was Anna Sui where Pat McGrath played up pretty doll-like eyes with coloured eyeliner around the eyes and shazam false lashes. Note to self: need to master false lash application, pronto.”

One of today’s most famous designers, Alexander Wang seemed to be leaning toward a distinct 80s makeup style for one of his pieces. Darling described the turquoise eyelid liners paired with bright red, color-blocked lips.

“Another beauty staple of the decade – the winged eye – was in full swing at Molly Goddard’s autumn/winter show and performed with precision by Hiromi Ueda,” continued Darling in her rundown.

Though, from the photos published in the article, you could see that 80s fashion was still alive. Huge shoulder embellishments and statement suits for women were very much prevalent in some of the showcases. To check out Darling’s full report, click here.

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