Do Pop Songs of Today Sound Better with an 80s Twist ?

Putting and 80s twist on popular tracks from the modern times is becoming pretty popular on YouTube. It is leading plenty of people to question whether they just sound better that way. A recent article explored the satisfaction that one gets when they are listening to a 80s remix of a present day song. Let’s see if you agree.

Do Pop Songs of Today Sound Better with an 80s Twist ?

“When used cleverly, nostalgia can result in incredible sampling in songs like Selena Gomez’s effervescent “Bad Liar” or Beyoncé’s “Hold Up”. When it’s used badly you end up with Jonas Blue butchering Tracy Chapman,” according to Noisey.

“Then there’s the 80 remix. You’ll have heard one of these over the last few years because websites come at you on social media with headlines like “These 80s reworks of Justin Bieber’s songs are flawless” or “It Turns Out Ariana Grande Was Born To Be An ’80s Pop Star” and finally “Can You Handle These Oddly Amazing ’80s Remixes of Ariana Grande, Maroon 5 and Justin Bieber?

Noisey pointed out that nostalgia from the 80s and 90s are really being pushed onto a new generation, creating a strange yet awesome influence that helps creators make remixes like the aforementioned titles. For music, it actually boils down to some of the cool tech that the 80s had to offer, which fits a lot of the mainstream hits of today.

“The 80s was a perfect coincidence of several key factors,” recalls Mark Ellen, former editor of Smash Hits magazine, Q and The Word, according to the report.

“The arrival of the programmed synthesiser meant that anyone could be a musician, even people who couldn’t really play an instrument. So you got a fantastically wide variety of acts.”

It is refreshing to think of all of the nostalgic moments that are meeting up with the fresh hits of today. It is very gratifying to an 80s fan when they realize that the sounds of the 80s are sometimes able to transform todays’ hits and make them even better. So, what are your thoughts? Do todays’ hits should better with the 80s twist? Let us know in the comments section below. To check out the rest of Noisey‘s article, click here.


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