36 Years Later: Jim Henson’s ‘The Dark Crystal’

Last weekend, select theaters across the country featured special shows of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. The film first released in 1982 and made a limited but triumphant return.

The Dark Crystal is a film that featured a fairly simple storyline, though, it was the execution of it that created a timeless film. Henson, a well-respected master of puppetry and of course the creator of The Muppets, got together with Frank Oz to co-direct one of his most fascinating pieces. After attending a Rave Cinemas showing in Connecticut, it was easy to see that The Dark Crystal still stands the test of time.

There aren’t many classics out there anymore from the 80s that isn’t in danger of a remake or reboot. Thankfully there is no buzz surrounding such an endeavor for The Dark Crystal. The mastery of puppetry in the film is absolutely incredible and that goes without adding (for the time).

Anyone from any decade would agree that the film featured movements and scenery that we can all appreciate. The set design was absolutely perfect and who could forget the classic characters like Jen, Kira, Aughra and little Fizzgig. The slightly terrifying but more grotesque appearance of the Skeksis looked as if it required a painstaking amount of time to master.

It’s honestly one of those films you watch again and instantly remember the first time you saw it. Normally folks would not associate a children’s film or even a Jim Henson film with that sort of nostalgic feeling. That being said, The Dark Crystal is a prime exception.

In addition, the film’s simplicity, due to the desired audience (children), never felt dumbed downed. It’s just as any 80s fan of Henson would expect and in our opinion, still survives the test of time and then some. Were you a fan of The Dark Crystal in the 80s? Let us know in the comments section below.

36 Years Later: Jim Henson’s ‘The Dark Crystal’

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