The 80s Overpowered Every Other Decade in Ready Player One

While Steven Spielberg and countless other reviews revealed that Ready Player One features characters and nostalgias from multiple decades, it looks like the 80s overpowered every other decade in the film. We can tell before even seeing the film, learn why below.

The 80s Overpowered Every Other Decade in Ready Player One

If you complete a simple Google search on Ready Player One alone you’ll find that a vast majority of the headlines point towards the 80s nostalgia in the movie. Last week we featured a report on an article where Spielberg spoke on why the 80s was such a big influence in the film.

This happens to be one of this year’s most anticipated films next to the slew of Marvel films scheduled to hit theaters this spring. The hype continues to build though it hasn’t reached the level of the highly successful Black Panther film. That being said, this film speaks to an entirely different generation. It also happens to be one of those films where you and your kid will find something special.

Simply put, this film, though it features characters from multiple generations, is an absolute haven for fans of the 80s and 80s nostalgia. Anyone who reads a simple review or headline for that matter can tell that much is true before even sitting down to enjoy the film. Ready Player One opens up this weekend, so if you’re looking to get your fix of 80s nostalgia, try checking it out.

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