80s Pop Star Tiffany is Still on the Road

As soon as you read a headline featuring the name Tiffany, you already know who we’re talking about. The 80s pop star is still playing shows and her latest interview featured a couple of gems in terms of responses. Just wait until you read them.

80s Pop Star Tiffany is Still on the Road

“The former pop princess doesn’t play malls anymore, and three decades after her I Think We’re Alone Now success, she’s refined her act to an energetic mix of past and present,” according to TampaBay.

“Expect less of a Casio backbeat, a bit more of a country take on her classic hits and some of her new material.”

Tiffany sat down with the publication for an interview before and upcoming gig and had some pretty interesting things to say about, malls and Debbie Gibson. Interestingly enough, Tiffany revealed that she never gets tired of people making jokes centered on her big hit “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

“It does, actually. I think it’s a shame. Really, malls were destinations. Yes, online shopping is really convenient, and I’m all for small business. I’ve had my own boutiques in Nashville,” said Tiffany when asked about the “death of the American shopping mall.

“But there was something magical about the mall. Everybody went there on a Saturday and you met your girlfriends for lunch. For young kids, it was an opportunity to look at things that you probably couldn’t afford or to just laugh at. Go look at hot guys and play at the arcade and go to the music store.”

It might sound pretty trivial but upon further thought, the mall experience is nothing like it was in the 80s. With many malls featuring pretty high end brands, going to the mall seems more like a grown up thing to do rather than a teen hangout.

Though, this may not be true across the board, it’s definitely a pattern that we have been seeing as well. That’s simply because the times have changed. Tiffany continues to share some pretty awesome responses in the full interview which can be read by clicking here.

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