Is KB Toys Making A Comeback?

While most people are still mourning the loss of Toy”R”Us, another toy giant from the past is looking to make a comeback. According to a recent report, KB Toys is on its way back and the brand made their announcement in a strange way.

Is KB Toys Making A Comeback?

“The fall of Toys”R”Us has been a big blow for many, especially those of us who grew up going to the giant toy retailer on the regular,” according to NintendoWire.

“Toys”R”Us is sure to leave behind some mighty big shoes to fill, and it looks like another icon of ’80s and ’90s retail is about to return in an attempt to do just that.”

The company revealed that they would be making their way back to us VIA a press release. The press release was released on LinkedIn and further pushed on the brand’s social media page.

“According to the press release, the new and improved KB Toys is aiming at opening up shop both online and in physical retail spaces,” the report continued.

“As KB Toys was predominantly located in malls across the US, we expect a similar treatment this time around.”

This is exceptional news for fans of the store, which happened to be a big deal in the 80s, despite the store’s origin in 1922. Unfortunately, we don’t have high hopes for some of those classic 80s toys making a comeback.

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