Miu Miu Joins the 80s High Fashion Revival

Miu Miu is among another one of the big brands contributing to the 80s high fashion revival at Paris Fashion Week 2018. The company put on a huge display filled with threads and outfits that you could probably put together if you kept some of your ensembles from the 80s.

Miu Miu Joins the 80s High Fashion Revival

“Elle Fanning, usually a front-row regular, flipped the script when she stepped foot on the Miu Miu catwalk Tuesday, strutting to a mix of ‘Mickey’ and ‘Whip It,’ that signaled Miuccia Prada’s ’80s intentions. Fanning’s first look was an A-line camel coat; she closed with an oversized herringbone and leather coat topping a buttoned-up blue blouse,” according to HollywoodReporter.

“The looks were a combination of big-hair-don’t-care wild bouffants and oversized jackets with popped collars, mini-dresses with skinny Grace Jones glasses, pointy patent shoes and ankle boots, with colorful scarves tied around the neck — very Pink Ladies meets Pretty in Pink.”

We can’t help but to think with all of these revivals, it probably would have been a great idea to keep some vintage pieces behind. That way, we could all look trendy and not have to break the bank. Perhaps a Member’s Only jacket?

The 80s has been influential is so many ways for the present times we live it. We are constantly reminded of how incredible it was for breaking out and owning individuality. It could be a huge reason why the decade is still living through pop culture and fashion to this day.

Author: Navi

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