Steven Spielberg Dishes on Why 80s Nostalgia Rules

Here at Like Totally 80s we continuously outline the fact that there are undeniable amounts of 80s nostalgia in some of the most popular films, tv shows and music today. Recently, director Steven Spielberg shared his response to why he believed 80s nostalgia resonates so well across the board.

Steven Spielberg Dishes on Why 80s Nostalgia Rules

“I think we’re nostalgic for the ‘80s because it was a stress-free decade. Everything was sort of innocuous: style, music, it was great — Duran Duran, Eddie Van Halen,” said Spielberg, according to Mashable.

“I think with what’s happening in the world right now, and even when Ernie wrote the book, I think we feel there have been times in the past that the present kind of forces us to return to — at least those who existed in the ‘80s.”

Of course, Spielberg’s interview comes just weeks away from the premiere of his upcoming film, Ready Player One. The film is set to feature music and characters from the 80s, along with notable ones from the 90s and 00’s as well.

“Even those who didn’t can still relate to the movie not having been born in the ‘80s because of social media, YouTube and Google — the ‘80s, the ‘70s, even decade is so accessible to all of us today,” said Spielberg, according to the report.

With the 80s influencing so much of the pop culture we see today, its hard to argue against it as one of the most carefree and experimental decades ever. Here we are 38 years later and the decade is still a huge part of our lives.

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  1. It was the last innocent decade. That is the secret.

    Go back and look at the various channels on youtube of 80’s commercials and programs. You can’t miss how much more civilized people were. Social restraints were still in place for the most part.

    What changed this dynamic? What causes the coarsening of society? The internet. We have removed the safeguards and filters that were in place for decades. We have fallen to the lowest common denominator of behavior across the board.

    Also, social media is an absolute poison. People are too connected for too long. We have lost the ability to imagine and relate socially, in person. Ironic huh?

    The best thing that could happen to mankind is for the internet to collapse forever.

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