Is A Wrinkle in Time as Good as Classic 80s Kids Films?

There are a plethora of films being associated with taking inspiration from and paying homage to classic 80s kids films. Just recently, A Wrinkle in Time, from director Ava DuVernay, has joined the ranks. At least to critic.

Is A Wrinkle in Time as Good as Classic 80s Kids Films?

“After the ’80s, these kinds of movies were few and far between. Kids movies still exist, of course, and they are full of the hardships that children must face,” according to Briana Lawrence of SyFyWire.

“But you don’t get those ’80s, live action, disturbing visuals much these days – at least, not in family-friendly flicks. But I’m talking about those bizarre, dark concepts, where kids fought against the embodiment of negativity, went toe to toe against literal darkness and had villains like quote, ‘The Nothing,’ end quote.”

Along comes DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time. A film Lawrence says, returns that darkness that was missing in kids films. In fact, the darkness seems to bring a level of confusion as to what the target audience for the film is. Is it for an adult, a younger child or a teen/young adult?

Lawrence’s analysis of the film brought her to a conclusion, with a little help from a friend. In essence, her friend believed that children are able to handle darkness better than adults because they will always believe that there is a force to counteract it.

Some of the best films from the 80s definitely followed that blueprint. Though, everyone has their own interpretation. If you’ve seen A Wrinkle in Time, let us know whether you think it is comparable to some of the great films of the 80s in the comments section below.


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