Is the 80s Floral Trend Making A Return?

Floral arrangements were all the rage in the 80s and for some, it remained quite an important staple. Now, it looks like the 80s floral trend is making a return, according to a recent report.

Is the 80s Floral Trend Making A Return?

TheNewYorkTimes is crediting the 80s with a massive influence over the floral arrangement craze. They are also beginning to see the trend make its return. In a recent report, the outlet dives into the style and where it was most popular, to how it is making a return today.

“As diverse as they are, they have something in common. The last time they were fashionable was in the 1980s — specifically in Manhattan, the city where countless floral trends are born, and perish,” according to the report.

“In his studio, the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe turned tropical blooms into icons of sexuality. Isolating specimens against similar backdrops to the ones he used for his nude portraiture, he regarded the smooth skin of a calla lily or the hard veins of an anthurium with the same deliberate attention as he would the flesh of a well-sculpted male body.”

It’s the art of the 80s all over again. Arrangements that reflect beauty and invoke imaginative thoughts in your mind. Creativity oozed out of the 80s in many facets and floral arrangements were no different.

Learn more about this sudden resurgence by clicking here.

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