The 80s Meets Instagram

Fusing the 80s with social media platforms such as Instagram may seem a bit farfetched, however, it has happened. A new Instagram account is all about the 80s. If you want a nice dose of nostalgia, you may want to consider checking out the @vhsfruit Instagram page.

The 80s Meets Instagram

“Within the vast sea of Instagram throwback accounts floats the occasional rare gem – an account with a unique point of view that’s so true to a given decade or subject that it hooks you upon first scroll. Our Instagram of the week @vhsfruit is a fine example,” according to DazedDigital.

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“Founded by a visual DJ, it’s a collection of interiors, film and television clips, artefacts, and fashions from a decade past that inspire its curator. ‘It is not a nostalgic account though, I want to tie eras together and show something about the past and future,’ he explains. ‘Time isn’t something linear with constant progress, it’s circular with repetition and evolution of themes.'”

The page is loaded with iconic figures from the 80s. This includes figures such as Grace Jones and many more. The cars, the clothes, everything in these photos is like jumping into a time-machine. It’s a nice page featuring quite the artsy posts. If you’re even looking for a little inspiration, chances are, you can find it here.

For more images, check out @vhsfruit on Instagram. Let us know if there are more 80s nostalgia Instagram pages we’re missing out on in the comments section below.

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