80s Prom Homage From Frame Dance

A new art installation is paying homage to the 80s prom. 80s prom was full of life, love and in some instances maybe even heartbreak. Now, the Frame Dance is looking to pay homage to the event with an all new installation.

80s Prom Homage From Frame Dance

“Dig out your frosted blue eyeshadow and shop your closet for puff sleeves and ruffles because Frame Dance cordially invites you to My Beloved … meet me at the prom, an immersive, ‘80s-themed dance and music performance created from some very special primary sources: the old love letters of real Houstonians,” according to the HoustonPress.

“I’ve been working with ideas of love and language for a couple of years. I think I found letters that I had saved and was thinking about how words written in the past can still cause us to stir and have really physical remembrances of who we were at the time of receiving or writing a letter. I was really interested in how people articulate and describe their affection and their love and how that evolves and changes through the course of a relationship,” said Frame Dance Executive and Artistic Director Lydia Hance, who according to the report, directed the number.

We can all agree that 80s high school was a pretty critical time filled with teenage angst. For some it was really simple, for others, they struggled through a bit. Then came one of the biggest events in any high school students life, prom. Who would you ask to prom? Would you get asked to prom? What would you wear? What are the plans for after prom?

Most of all for the 80s, the fashion and music spoke to us all. Everyone had a song that featured a soundtrack to their life or how they were feeling at that time. As for the fashion, well, the high shoulder pads and hairspray were just a couple of keys to the looks in the 80s.

To learn more about My Beloved … meet me at the prom, click here.


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