Cities of the 80s: 80s Indianapolis

The 80s influence didn’t stop at art, film, music and fashion, in some cases it transformed cities across the U.S. One prime example of that would be Indianapolis’ successful boom. From zoos to sports, 80s Indianapolis had it all.

Cities of the 80s: 80s Indianapolis

“Indianapolis in the 1980s was a pretty heady time. We were trying to shake off the image of mundane ‘India-no-place’ and sleepy ‘Naptown,'” according to Indystar.

“But Indianapolis came to life in the 80s. Development of the downtown landmark, American United Life Building (now One America Square) gave new dimension to the skyline.”

It was a bustling, busy city full of life in the 80s, however, if you didn’t live there in the 80s, you knew Indianapolis for its rich sports heritage and even the Indianapolis Zoo.

“The Indianapolis Zoo opened in the White River State Park and in 1983, the city began purchasing property for a proposed mall (Circle Centre),” according to the report.

“Indianapolis’ reputation as the amateur sports capital of the world began when it hosted 4,000 athletes from 38 countries competing in the Pan American Games, the world’s second-largest multi-sport event.”

To really experience this 80s boom in Indianapolis, Indystar featured 96 brilliant photos that really sums up the city and a magical decade that we just can’t seem to get enough of. To learn more about Indianapolis in the 80s and see some of the epic photos, click here.

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