Huey Lewis Hearing Loss Causes Tour Cancellations

Huey Lewis & The News were set for a brilliant return with a slew of live shows. However, new reports revealed that hearing loss has caused Lewis to cancel the 2018 tour.

Huey Lewis Hearing Loss Causes Tour Cancellations

“Two and a half months ago, just before a show in Dallas, I lost most of my hearing,” Lewis wrote in a letter to his fan that was posted to his Twitter page.

“Although I can still hear a little, one on one and on the phone, I can’t hear music well enough to sing. The lower frequencies distort violently making it impossible to find pitch… The doctors believe I have Meniere’s Disease and have agreed that I can’t perform until I improve.”

Lewis also expressed how terrible he felt for having to take this action and apologized to his fans. Now, Lewis is looking towards bettering his hearing in hopes to perform in the future.

The hearing loss appears to be gradual and rather than waiting it out and prolonging treatment, Lewis looks to be taking a proactive approach.

While this news is unfortunate for fans, after years of performing great music, it’s almost a definite that they understand his situation. Stay tuned for more information on Huey Lewis & The News.

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