Like Totally 80s: Big Turns 30 this Summer

You know, when Josh makes a wish to be big and wakes up the next day. Boom. He’s Big. He’s also freaked out, cannot fit into his clothes, scares his mom and barely convinces his best friend that it’s him.

Like Totally 80s: Big Turns 30 this Summer

This movie is the coolest, especially for anyone bored at their current stage in this life. Little? Wish to be big. Big? Wish to go back to childhood. All is well.

This classic 80s film turn 30 this June, 30 years old. The cast in this movie is spot on and they have an awesome chemistry. Don’t believe me? Just see some of these great movie quotes and decide for yourself.

Interviewer: Where did you go to school?

Josh: It was called George Washington.

Interviewer: Oh G.W. My brother-in-law got his doctorate there. Did you pledge?

Josh: Yes. Every morning.big

This was when Josh was interviewing for the job. He answers the school question with the only school he has attended, not even a high school, and then refers to the pledge of allegiance when asked if he pledged (fraternity.) Too funny.


Scotty Brennen: See that girl over there in the red? Say “hi” to her and she’s yours. She’ll have her legs around you so tight you’ll be begging for mercy.

Josh: Well, I’ll stay away from her, then.

And then when talking about girls, ha! Poor Josh.


Paul: What is so special about Baskin?839f0531ea88fd76c5f3101244828a51

Susan: He’s a grown up.

This of course is funny to us as the audience because we know that Josh in fact is a kid. Btut Susan, as many women do, calls it like she sees it. And kids are typically more truthful and forthcoming than any adult you can find. So it really does make sense.


Billy: So you got a job, where you play with all these toys.

Josh: Yup!

Billy: And they’re gonna pay you for that!

Josh: Yup!


And the best part of it all? Josh got paid to do what he loved! In true fashion, Josh’s passion, that of a child, a trait which so rarely follows us into adulthood, brings him into a job that he loves, and he can truly relate to and comment on. Little does the company know they have their target market right in their company, age and all.

This movie can be watched again and again. Josh is an awesome kid, and an even better adult.


Author: Emily Rokke

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