PUBG and Fortnite Competitor Joins 80s Nostalgia Craze

If you haven’t heard of PUBG or Fortnite before, chances are you’re not an online gamer or you don’t dabble in the new systems. However, these two games have a new competition with Radical Heights, a version of the aforementioned game with an 80s twist.

“Not more than five days after Lawbreakers studio said it was moving onto other projects, Boss Key Productions has released a new ‘80s-infused battle royale-style game called Radical Heights,” according to TechRadar.

“Available as a free-to-play, Early Access title on Steam, Radical Heights is a cheerier take on the PUBG formula which drops players into a murderous game show. From the looks of the first reveal trailer, the game aims for an even more cartoonish take on violence than Fortnite with a colorfully cheesy ‘80s aesthetic full of neon lights and a distinctly casino-inspired setting.”

Now, we don’t agree with the cheesy descriptions of a decade we love so much. However, we have to admit that this game looks pretty awesome from the clip below. It’s got some easily detectable 80s nods meshed in with the new competitive gaming world.

“Radical Heights is also different in that the gameplay revolves around cash,” according to the report.

“Players can earn said monies by hitting stores, competing for prizes earned through in-game challenges and, obviously, attempting to kill each other.”

To learn more about Radical Heights and maybe give it a try for yourself, click here.


Radical Heights; PUBG and Fortnite Competitor Joins 80s Nostalgia Craze

Author: Navi

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