This Week in 1981: ‘Angel of the Morning’ By Juice Newton

This week in 1981, the Billboard Chart was dominated by “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton. The song is an 80s classic that can still be heard in plenty of films today. So, we decided to give it a special place on LT80s this week.

The track spent 3 big weeks on the Billboard chart and is still one of Newton’s most popular tracks. So popular in fact, that filmmakers always find a way to sprinkle it into films to this day.

“This deliciously vanilla soft rock classic has been covered by numerous artists ever since Merrilee Rush scored a hit with the ballad in 1968,” according to EntertainmentWeekly.

“But arguably no one is as responsible for the song’s immortality like Juice Newton, who released this version on her 1981 album Juice, which also featured the hit single ‘Queen of Hearts.‘”

There have been plenty of instances where Newton’s song made a triumphant return in film. This includes Marvel’s R-rated Deadpool film from a few years back.

“In Deadpool, ‘Angel of the Morning,’ sprinkles its rose petals over the opening credits sequence, a 360-degree analysis of a violent freeze-framed action scene,” according to the EW article.

“‘This one has been in there since day one,’ says director Tim Miller. ‘It has always been the perfect contrast to the complete and utter mayhem going on in the scene.'”

This wouldn’t be our ideal use for the song, however, you have to admit it was a genius contrast right? The 80s still manages to find its way into films of today, whether it’s for comic relief or it just fits the moment.

‘Angel of the Morning’ By Juice Newton

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