Wonder Woman 2 Joins the 80s Nostalgia Craze

Like most of the popular films today, Wonder Woman 2 will be set in the 80s. New reports revealed that the films’ director Patty Jenkins confirmed the setting. This means the film is completing setting aside a chronological timeline for the DC universe.

Wonder Woman 2 Joins the 80s Nostalgia Craze

“We actually scooped the news of the 1980s setting shortly after Wonder Woman was released in theaters. Now that the detail has been confirmed, it might give a better idea of what Diana’s second cinematic outing will look like, other than the sense of fashion,” according to Screenrant.

“In our same report that stated the 1980s as Wonder Woman 2‘s setting, another surprising detail about the sequel was teased. Chris Pine will be among the cast, which is odd for a number of reasons. Pine’s character, Steve Trevor, died at the end of Wonder Woman and unlike Diana, Steve’s not a demi-god and basically immortal.”

Diana is clearly still caught up on Pine’s character and Screenrant speculates that his involvement in the film may be more of a flashback kind of deal. Either way, DC is following a trend in film that has led to plenty of success. People love the 80s and anything set in the decade.

Stay tuned for more information on the 80s-set Wonder Woman 2 film and all of the Easter eggs we can dish on.

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