The 1987 Ferrari F40 Will Always Live On

Ask all car enthusiasts to name a car that truly stuck out in the 80s aside from DeLoreans, Fieros and American muscle cars. If they don’t mention the Ferrari F40 then something is terribly wrong. Not only did it stand out but it can still turn heads.

The 1987 Ferrari F40 Will Always Live On

Not only is the Ferrari F40 one of the sleekest Ferrari’s ever invented, it was also one of the boldest designs the company had ever done for one of their production vehicles. Manufacturing of the car was done between the late 1980s up to 1992. After that, we kissed one of the greatest cars of the 80s goodbye.

Since the F40, Ferrari has created many timeless models such as the Enzo, Ferrari 458 and 488 and of course, one of the boldest designs to date, the LaFerrari. Though the F40 would still stand out amongst all of those cars if they were lined up next to one another. It has this lasting effect and design that screams “I’m extremely fast.”

Fast it was. The car boasted a 471 HP engine to fit one aerodynamically sound vehicle. It was the perfect marriage and a car that oozed style. This vehicle was a sure head-turner and definitely out of the budget for the average Joe. That doesn’t mean we all didn’t ooh and ahh if we were lucky enough to catch one driving by.

The Ferrari F40 will always live on with a legacy that will rival many vehicles like it in the 80s.

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