Arstechnica Tests Today’s Youth on 80s Tech

There is nothing more hilarious that trying to watch today’s youth figure out 80s music and pop culture. So we thought. Arstechnica tested some of today’s youth on 80s tech we all know and love. The results? Pure comedy and something you’ll definitely love.

“It’s fascinating watching the kids confront tech that was commonplace when I was their age. Actually, by the time I turned ten, it was 1988 and CDs were reasonably common, but asking a 10-year-old in 2018 to load up a CD player would be too easy,” wrote Lee Hutchinson or Arstechnica.

“The thing that really made me shake my head this time around was the kids’ comments about the original Game Boy—tech that my generation would try to sneak anywhere and everywhere. Being able to whip out a Game Boy on the bus to school and nonchalantly stack some lines in Tetrismade you almost unbelievably cool—although you’d have to fend off the curious, sticky hands of your fellow bus riders.”

The Game Boy certainly doesn’t seem like a hard tech item to identify. However, it was pretty hilarious to watch them take apart a boombox. It’s a nod to just how far we have come technologically in the past three and a half decades. Some of these tech items while very much identifiable by us, is looked at as if they were ancient artifacts by the majority of youngsters today.

Check out the hilarious Arstecnica video below.

Arstechnica Tests Today’s Youth on 80s Tech

Author: Navi

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