This Foreigner Orchestra Mashup is A Must See

When it comes to 80s rock bands, Foreigner was one of the greatest. Now, you can see and hear the band like never before as a Foreigner Orchestra mashup is now performing action-packed shows live.

“Foreigner, the juke box heroes who dominated FM radio in the ’70s and ’80s with some of the most memorable and enduring classic rock hits ever recorded, have made something of a cottage industry of performing and packaging their greatest hits in varying arrangements,” according to NewsOK.

“The latest is a CD with a 60-piece orchestra and 70-member choir that shows why these songs remain as popular as they do.”

From the video below, you can tell the show is full of energy and most of all, it’s filled with countless amounts of hits from the band. The hair-raising orchestra combined with the powerful electric guitar solos make for some pretty interesting musical combinations.

“Only founding guitarist Mick Jones remains from the original Foreigner lineup. Singer Kelly Hansen, who had half a cup of coffee in the spotlight in the ’80s with the band Hurricane, inherited vocal duties from original singer Lou Gramm, and does a creditable job keeping these songs alive, even if he adds little of his own style to them,” according to the report.

If you want a little preview of what you can expect should you venture out to see the band and the orchestra perform live, check out the video below.

This Foreigner Orchestra Mashup is A Must See

Author: Navi

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