An Unexpected Continuation of The Karate Kid

Remakes, reboots and reimagining the 80s doesn’t stop at music, fashion and blockbuster hits. A continuation of The Karate Kid is being made available on YouTube Red, proving the 80s is strong on any platform.

An Unexpected Continuation of The Karate Kid

“As the nemesis of Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso in ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984), the definitive underdog tale for at least one generation, Johnny was the story’s villain,” writes Dispatch.

“The films cemented Zabka’s pop-culture reputation for golden-boy bullies just begging for the kicks to the face that inevitably landed in the final act.”

Now, a 10-episode series called “Cobra Kai” has made its way to YouTube Red and it vows to explain the story much more in-depth.

“Zabka didn’t need much prompting to break down the injustice of Johnny’s infamy: There was Daniel’s cheap shot on the beach,” according to the report.

“The unprovoked water-hose incident at the Halloween dance. And the fact that in the film’s final showdown, Johnny was ‘fighting square and clean’ until his demented sensei ordered him to sweep Daniel’s injured leg.”

Of course, this is quite a stance to take on a classic 80s film that really was the epitome of a good guy v.s. bad guy scenario. It’s definitely giving the situation a twist that we never imagined would amount from the film.

Either way, it’s the revisiting of an 80s classic that we never saw coming. This is especially true because it is being streamed through the YouTube Red platform. To learn more about the series, click here.

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