80s B-Movies: ‘Ninja III: The Domination’

80s B-Movie anyone? There is something so cheap yet so appealing about B-movies, especially if they come from the 80s. A recent report suggests that Ninja III: The Domination, may be the best 80s be movie out there.

With some many B-movies coming up in the 80s, it’s hard to narrow the number one spot down. Thankfully we won’t put you through that. Instead, a Nerdist article finds Ninja III: The Domination to be the perfect 80s B-movie.

“When you see the logo for Cannon Films at the beginning of your ’80s movie, you know you’re in for a certain level of quality: in the ’80s, Cannon were trying to be the biggest action movie studio in the world, making money on some real exploitation gems with slightly higher budgets than you’d normally get,” according to the report.

“They were masters of seeing trends and capitalizing on them, and in 1984, ninja movies were all the rage. But so too, off of the success of Flashdance in 1983, were sexy movies about dancing. What on Earth was Cannon to do but put the two together? But how? If you guessed “add The Exorcist to it,” then you are right, and what you’d get is Ninja III: The Domination.”

The film managed to combine all of the most successful traits of some of the top films of its time. While it was not executed in the same way, that’s pretty much something we all had to expect with B-movies. If you’ve never heard of the film before, check out the trailer below.

80s B-Movie: Ninja III: The Domination Trailer

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