80s Furniture Looks to Make A Big Return

The 80s has been back in many ways, especially in the last five years or so. Now, the decade is returning with new reports that 80s furniture is making a huge comeback. Who would have thought that we’d be hopping in a time machine in terms of furniture?

80s Furniture Looks to Make A Big Return

“According to professional style spotters at the latest High Point Market, the re-emergence of ’80s-inspired furniture was *everywhere*” reports Brit.co.

“Anyone who grew up around the remnants of that decade’s decorating might be wondering what exactly we’re in for. The style spotters noted that Art Deco styling, including lots of curved shapes and gilded finishes, appeared again and again at the market.”

These 80s styles relied heavily on geometric shapes combining sharp lines and patterns with the curvature of the furniture. Everything about the 80s was bold and the furniture was no exception to that statement. These pieces were statement pieces that everyone wanted to have in their homes.

“One thing that can’t be denied: These pieces are definitely designed to stand out. Whether sprinkled in among more neutral find or used as part of a floor-to-ceiling look, we know they’ll get noticed,” according to the report.

80s furniture was definitely a style that stands out among the decades before and after it. It has its own place among some of the top and most memorable styles and now, it looks like it is making its way back in a big way. Do you still enjoy or even have some of your 80s furniture pieces? Let us know in the comments section below.

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