Should Beetlejuice Receive the Reboot Treatment?

There has been a large influx of 80s reboots that are in the works, however, there is one in particular that we wouldn’t mind seeing. You guessed it, Beetlejuice. It is a definite 80s classic for some a cult classic and quite frankly who doesn’t like this quirky and haunting tale?

Should Beetlejuice Receive the Reboot Treatment?

“This story of a ghost couple (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) who have their home taken over by a less than stellar family, and then have to employ a ghost named Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) to get rid of them is entirely original,” wrote Evan Jacobs or MovieWeb.

“From the sure-handed direction of Tim Burton, to the Danny Elfman soundtrack, to the totally awesome effects, Beetlejuice is a movie that we deserve more of.”

The fun factor of this film was off-the-charts and the spooky twist gave it a mystical feel that not many 80s films managed to capture. It was one of the best films of the period and Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the ghoulish and twisted Beetlejuice was absolutely incredible.

We could see this film being rebooted for a nice, easy-going Halloween film. It would be a nice change from the harsher horror films of today that dive just a bit too deep for kids to check out. With any reboot, the film would be in danger of losing the initial effect on viewers and fans of the original. Though, we think this is a risk we could deal with should a reboot ever arise.

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