Netflix Switches Up the 80s Offerings for the Summer

If you’re like most of us here at Like Totally 80s, you completely love everything about the decade, however, you’ve adapted to new ways of enjoying it. Take Netflix for instance. It’s a streaming platform that houses plenty of films for your entertainment and recently they’ve added a few 80s classics to the lineup.

Netflix Switches Up the 80s Offerings for the Summer

In a recent report, featured the 10 best 80s movies on Netflix right now. We have to say this is a pretty impressive list and there are a few favorites in particular that really standout. The 10 films on their list are: Trading Places, Can’t Buy Me Love, Adventures in Babysitting, The Lost Boys, The Money Pit, Dead Poets Society, Lethal Weapon, Tuner and Hooch, Ghostbusters 1 and 2 and last but certainly not least, Little Monsters.

While most of these films are untouchable when it comes to being 80s classics, there are a few that go even beyond that. Dead Poets Society, Lethal Weapon, The Lost Boys and Little Monsters are downright hall of famers in our eyes. Who could forget the performance of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. The film enabled us all to look at Williams with a different perspective away from the always goofy and bright sense of humor.

Little Monsters helped us put a quirky spin on the boogey man or the monsters under our beds. Lethal Weapon is an action cult classic with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover playing a perfectly matched team of crime fighters. The Lost Boys took the vampire storyline to a strange new height with just the right amount of danger, comedy and horror.


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