Summer is Here but Were 80s Summers Better?

We are jumping into the summer months with high temps hitting the Northeast. It seems like the perfect weather to take a family vacation or to have to fun. Unfortunately, summers today are nothing like the 80s summers you knew and loved.

Summer is Here but Were 80s Summers Better?

Katie Bingham-Smith, a writer for the ScaryMommy website believes that there are heavy differences between summers of today and 80s summers. She recently described seven different ways in which these two decades and modern times differ, with some pretty amazingly accurate points.

“I feel fortunate to have spent my summers as a barefoot child of the ’80s. We’d bust out the sprinkler on a super hot day, and if we were lucky, my mom would let us have two freeze pops instead of one,” writes Bingham-Smith.

“But alas, summers of yesteryear are long gone, and there is quite a big difference in how the children of the ’80s spent their summers compared to how our kids spend them today.”

In her comparison of summers of the 80s and summers of today, she revealed that the only graduation she could remember was high school. She also revealed that there was a lot less tracking done by parents. Kids were allowed to be a bit more free and parents seemed to feel much better about their kids’ safety back in the 80s.

Today safety is a huge issue for plenty of parents and it has adjusted the way we look at letting our kids go out and play freely. As for technology, well, we’ll let you read what Bingham-Smith had to say in her breakdown. Click here for the full piece from ScaryMommy.


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