Sumter School District to Celebrate the 80s Culture

The city of Sumter, South Carolina is going to have a totally awesome 80s celebration soon, led by students of the Sumter School District. Students have been studying the 80s culture and will be putting it on full display to showcase just how much they have learned.

Sumter School District to Celebrate the 80s Culture

“More than 180 gifted and talented students in grades 4-12 have been studying the music, visual arts and theater of the 1980s, guided by teachers in those fields, and, on Wednesday, the public is invited to a showcase of their talents,” according to

“REACH Program Supervisor Heather Clemmons said participation in the program is voluntary – students are nominated by teachers, parents, themselves or their peers. Of about 700 students referred, Clemmons said about 200 were invited. Attendance in the program held at Crestwood High School has averaged about 185 daily, she said.”

Some of the notable names that will be celebrated in the performances include, Michael Jackson and Matthew Broderick. The report reveals that students will perform a version of “Thriller” and there will also be skits that showcase segments from films like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

To learn more about this awesome 80s celebration, click here. It’s nice to see this decade being kept alive by the younger generation, with a little help for the older folks.

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