Los Angeles’ 80s Crack Epidemic Highlighted in ‘Snowfall’

The 80s was full of high moments, however, there were plenty of low moments that stood out. Some of those low moments may have also floated under the radar, however, everyone knows about the crack epidemic that gripped LA in the 80s.

Los Angeles’ 80s Crack Epidemic Highlighted in ‘Snowfall’

Snowfall is a new show that is now breaking into its second season. It explores the rise of crack in LA and tells the story of a dealer who moves from selling weed in a local neighborhood, to selling crack-cocaine in a working-class neighborhood, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We’ve moved on about six months since the final episodes of Season 1, and we’re now moving into the winter of 1984,” said actor Damson Idris, according to the Los Angeles Times report.

“Over that time he’s accumulated a lot of cash and for that reason, not only does he have outside forces wanting to take him down but also conflict within his own crew, his own family. So we’re seeing Franklin evolve into the boss that he was destined to be,” continued Idris who plays the shows’ main character Franklin Saint.

With the second season slated to premiere this evening, we thought we would open up our 80s audience to a show that is much different from your average 80s nostalgia chasing pieces we see today. To learn more about Idris, Snowfall and what the show represents, click here.

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