80s Hairstyles in GLOW Are All Real!

GLOW has certainly turned into one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The show is set in the 80s and naturally, the 80s hairstyles in GLOW have to reflect the decade to the best of its ability. In a recent report from Allure, it was revealed that there are no wigs involved with the show, in fact, all of the styles are natural.

80s Hairstyles in GLOW Are All Real!

“Even though we were on a tight production deadline, we didn’t use any big, permed wigs — it’s all real,” GLOW‘s lead hairstylist Theraesa Rivers told Refinery29, according to the Allure report.

“OK, so maybe the Beatdown Biddies’ granny-style short, white hair are wigs, but everyone else? No faux hair added. And that goes for Alison Brie’s gravity-defying style as Ruth Wilder and her wrestling alter-ego, Zoya the Destroya. ‘Her normal hair is naturally a little fine, so there’s a lot of teasing, mousse, and hairspray we have to pack in there, which takes around 30 minutes, but that’s what they did in the ’80s.'”

It’s not very often that you see remakes or rebooted shows with natural and authentic takes on the way hair and makeup were done. Most shows or movies use wigs or quicker ways of helping characters come to life. In this case, Rivers and her team use the authentic methods that women in the 80s used when they wanted those big bold styles.

This is yet another reason to respect what Netflix has done with GLOW. To learn more about what goes into the hairstyles for GLOW, click here.

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