More 80s Inspiration Hits Wonder Woman 1984

Hold on to your hats 80s fans, or, should we say suits? A new screenshot from Wonder Woman 1984 shows one of the films star decked out in a full on “80s power suit,” and it definitely screams 80s. We’ve been following this film pretty closely and who could blame us, after all, it is set in a decade we love.

More 80s Inspiration Hits Wonder Woman 1984

“The latest picture gives us our first look at Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal, and it was tweeted by director Patty Jenkins,” according to GameSpot.

“Pascal’s role is yet to be revealed but Jenkins is obviously impressed, tweeting that she ‘Can’t…Stop… Watching’ the actor. Pascal himself posted the same image on Instagram with the caption ‘Power suit. Power hair.'”

As you can see from then photo, the film looks to be drawing a plentiful amount of inspiration and channeling the 80s in all sorts of ways. It will be interesting to see what other 80s styles make their way into the film and if Wonder Woman’s suit has any 80s inspiration.

“Wonder Woman 2 is one of three new DC movies due over the next 18 months. Aquaman arrives in December this year, while Shazam follows in April 2019,” according to the report.

We’re especially excited for these films because these DC characters had some pretty big revivals in the 80s superhero/comic book scene. Stay tuned for more news on Wonder Woman 1984.

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