80s Toys Kids Today Need to Know

When it comes to the nostalgia driven 80s, it’s not just fashion and pop culture that drives it. There are a number of 80s toys kids today need to know and a recent article highlighted a couple of awesome ones for sure.

80s Toys Kids Today Need to Know

“Millennial moms and dads who are expecting their first child have plans to keep Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street on as background noise in their nursery,” according to CafeMom.

“Others are introducing their big kids to slightly more advanced entertainment like Star Wars (which of course debuted in the late ’70s but stretched into the early ’80s and ’90s) and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.”

Some of the toys in the report include: Cabbage Patch Dolls, My Little Pony, He-Man and many more. There are plenty of action figures and dolls from the 80s that any kid born today would absolutely love. These toys had a cool-factor that is well beyond many of the toys we see today. There is something about the way the toys were created and the fact that in many cases they were the first of their kind.

Then we have games like Simon and a number of brain busters and family-fun boardgames from the decade. We know that some of you 80s fans out there are already having lightbulbs go off in your head. So, we want to know what 80s toys and games you plan to or would like to introduce to your kids. Let us know in the comments section below.


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