DISCOVERY Children’s Museum Goes 80s

It always awesome to see kids of today enjoy the 80s. A recent report revealed that the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum in Las Vegas is participating in an 80s week celebration. It makes us wish we could take the week off and join them in the 80s week festivities.

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum Goes 80s

“Bust out the Aquanet hairspray, troll dolls and whatever else you can find from nearly 40 years ago. It’s 80’s week at the Discovery Children’s Museum,” according to Fox Las Vegas.

“In addition to all that comes with the normal Museum exhibits and pricing, you and your kids will also be exposed to some of the games and toys from the 1980’s era.”

There are a select few activities mentioned in the report but the one that stood out for us the most is the “Create Art inspired by the 80s and Bob Ross.” Who doesn’t want to spend a day creating art inspired by the coolest decade ever and one of the most iconic figures.

Meanwhile, the post also mentioned that a 6-year-old DJ will be playing some of her favorite 80s tunes. To take things a bit further some of the toys that kids are able to play with at the event will also be on sale. This is a pretty good opportunity to stock up on some 80s toys you maybe missed out, toys you want to purchase for your little one or even a toy you already had but wouldn’t mind owning again.

This is an event for the kids so lets not forget to bring the little one with you.

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