Do Hits of Today Sound Better As 80s Remixes?

Hearing incredible mashups on YouTube are one thing, but having entire songs from recent decades turned into 80s remixes is just awesome. We found a recent report that shared a couple of perfect remixes that could have actually done pretty well in the 80s.

“In early June, a fan-made remix of ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ popped up on YouTube. Slower and more wistful, this version wraps Stump’s vocal track in gauzy synths, cascading harmonies and a synthetic sax solo — and rather than defiant, it plays like the sonic embodiment of an unrealized crush, all lovelorn and yearning,” according to KUNC.

“By the time the chorus hits, it’s clear we’re not in the LiveJournal era anymore: This is the kind of pastel-hued song that could soundtrack an awkward junior high slow dance in 1986.”

According to the report, the remix was done by Johan Olsson of Sweden. We have featured remixes like the Fall Out Boy one below in the past. This includes an insanely remarkable Justin Bieber remix of “What Do You Mean?” This is really an art that not many people can master. It takes a lot to hone in on that 80s sound and find the right songs to fuse it with todays hits.

So, have a listen to the Fall Out Boy track below and let us know if it sounds better as an 80s remix.

Do Hits of Today Sound Better As 80s Remixes?

Author: Navi

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