Stranger Things Season 3 Gets Even More 80s

Netflix continues to kill us with 80s nostalgia and leading the charge is Stranger Things season 3. The third season promo was recently released and came in the form of an old school 80s advertisement for a shopping mall. It’s pretty darn perfect given the time period and even shouts out a couple of old stores.

In the promo video we see folks rocking undeniably 80s clothing, pretty big hair and all-in-all just having a grand ole time at the mall. The video would later go on to point out some of the stores that are featured. They include: Walden Books, Sam Goody, Claire’s, Radio Shack and many more.

“Stranger Things fans realize what’s happening from the get-go. This is a teaser for season 3, and that mall may be of some significance,” according to BGR.

“Who knows, maybe you can find monsters inside it, breaking through the barrier between our world and theirs. This is just speculation from yours truly. However, what we do know about the upcoming season is that Jim Hopper will be tougher than last season.”

We can definitely say that if Netflix and The Duffer Brothers continue to spark this kind of 80s nostalgia, they will certainly have 80s babies and 80s fans hooked on season three and seasons to come. Stay tuned for more info on when we can expect Stranger Things season 3 and all its 80s glory.

Stranger Things Season 3 Gets Even More 80s

Author: Navi

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