$100,000 80s Collectibles Owner Shares His Story

John-Paul Annunziato, that name should be familiar to our readers from our story about his $100,000 80s memorabilia collection. Recently, Annunziato, the owner of $100,000 worth of 80s collectibles sat down with SyFy to chat about how his collection came about.

“You might be wondering why someone goes about collecting three-decades-old stuff,” according to SyFy.

“What, other than nostalgia, compels a human being to stuff their home and then spend money for storage just so you can have He-Man and Peter Venkman and ALF all at the ready?”

For Annunziato, collecting these 80s pieces happen to be much deeper than just have some of the coolest memorabilia of all time.

“Well, JP has an interesting story that involves his family and the things he couldn’t afford back in the day. And his nostalgia is less about remembering the things he used to own and more thinking back to all the things he wished he’d owned,” the report continued.

Having this much 80s memorabilia isn’t as easy as this collector makes it look. We’re quite sure there are a couple of toys, gadgets or doohickies that you’d like to get you hands on but just can’t seem to track down.

If you want to hear Annunziato’s full story, check out the video below. What are some 80s items you still have hanging around? Let us know in the comments section below.

$100,000 80s Collectibles Owner Shares His Story

Author: Navi

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