80s Lessons We Should Take Note of

When it comes to the 80s these were plenty of teachable moments. Whether it was in film, music or life in general there were plenty of 80s lessons we should take note of today and probably should have taken note of back then. Though, it’s never really too late for any of that right?

80s Lessons We Should Take Note of

In a recent profile of 80s career lessons from TheLadders, the media outlet outlined some of the career lessons you can learn from ’80s music. The piece cited plenty of teachable moments from careers of some of the biggest artists of the decade.

“A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to attend Billy Joel’s 100th performance at Madison Square Garden. The Piano Man and his band were in rare form and the 20,000+ high-energy crowd was loving every moment. At one point, Joel introduced his special guest Bruce Springsteen,” according to TheLadders.

“Joel explained that the two had once shared a record label and that both had such poor sales they were each in danger of losing their contracts. Need I fill you in on what actually happened? Let’s just fast forward to nearly four decades later when Springsteen is sold out on Broadway and Joel just broke world records for the most performances by an artist at MSG.”

There’s nothing like a comeback and you shouldn’t ever county yourself out. That’s what we can learn from Joel and Springsteen’s perseverance. Those aren’t the only lessons from the 80s. If you want to read more life lessons from the 80s, click here.

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