80s Nostalgia: The Winning Formula

80s nostalgia is littered throughout films from the 90s-today. There is this winning formula that it provides and there have been a number of shows/films that are proof of that.

80s Nostalgia: The Winning Formula

One big standout is Stranger Things and in a recent article, the exploration of how 80s nostalgia endures makes plenty of sense out of this seemingly winning formula.

“We’ve all seen a resurgence of interest in the music, pop culture, design and sensibility of the era. Think of the hit TV show ‘Stranger Things,’ which essentially remakes Steven Spielberg’s kids-on-bikes-with-walkie-talkies, supernatural-adventure genre,” writes writes WBUR‘s Ethan Gilsdorf.

“Or the outbreak of video arcade bars, a trend recapturing the time when to be a real gamer was to haunt your local Dream Machine with a roll of quarters; now these modern, boozy arcades are the domain for adults to play Pac-Man and Asteroids with a beer in hand.”


So why is the 80s such a coveted decade? For those who lived in the decade the answers are probably pretty clear. Though, there are plenty of folks who may not have gotten a chance to experience the 80s first-hand, but discovered the best aspects of it through music and film.

There is also something quite important to note, that is the overall sense of being un-plugged so-to-speak.

“For one, the decade was the final gasp of analog-only culture,” Gilsdorf continued.

“We walked into the 1980s with computers that were pretty much hobbyist-only devices, and walked out with the majority of modern PC architecture,” says Dean Duffy, a content producer for the Rhode Island Computer Museum, according to the WBUR report.

There were so many different ways to entertain yourself and there were not electronic distractions to prevent you from experiencing the world around you. To learn more about the incredibly popular 80s nostalgia and its winning formula in pop culture today, click here.

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