The 80s V.S. The 90s : Who Will Win?

We’re all about finding some of the coolest events centered on 80s cultures and this 80s V.S. 90s event in Portland sounds pretty awesome. This event pins two of what could be considered the most nostalgic decades ever.

The 80s V.S. The 90s : Who Will Win?

“It’s no secret, we’re all obsessed (again) with the 80s and 90s. The permed hair, leg warmers and seven-layer dip are back, and Feast Portland enlisted the help of 20 of the hottest chefs from Portland and across America to jog your memory with their own unexpected takes on what we ate back then,” according to SeattleMag.

“Set to a cassette-worthy mix of hair bands, grunge and classic hip-hop, you’ll be channeling your inner Michael or Britney in no time. To make things even more interesting, Feast has turned this into a team competition where half the chefs will represent the 80s and the other half the 90s in a throwback cook-off that’s guaranteed to knock your parachute pants off. Maybe your shoulder pads, too.”

Combining food and pop culture from both of these decades is a great way to bring the two decades together. Honestly, we can all agree that the 80s and 90s are probably the closest decades when it comes to influences and artists.

Of course this is going to be for those in the Oregon area and maybe a select few willing to travel, though, not to worry, we’ll keep scouring for more events like this one. To learn more about Feast Portland’s 80s vs. 90s event, click here.

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