80s Wins Best Pop Music Sound Over the 90s

When it comes to producing pop hits, the 80s seems to be quite the giant. After putting the two decades against one another, a recent report claimed that the 80s wins when it comes to producing the better pop hits, when compared to the hits of the 90s.

80s Wins Best Pop Music Sound Over the 90s

“While there is much love and respect for Nirvana and Mariah Carey and Garth Brooks and Green Day (and very little for the Backstreet Boys), the ’80s prevail,” according to Kevin Coffey, a staff write for the Omaha World-Herald.

“As it stands, that decade was responsible for a vastly superior amount of good music. Some of the best albums of all time from Prince, Michael, Bruce, Bob, Public Enemy and The Clash. There was some admittedly bad music, too. (We’re looking at you, Starship.) But the good of the ’80s far outweighs the bad.”

Coffey’s report looked at a number of factors when trying to figure out which decade had the best pop hits. The factors included sales and a comparison between the top 10 hits on the charts for the respective decades. It pretty much came down to a quality over quantity kind of breakdown.

In his analysis, Coffey found that some hits of the 90s, while catchy, weren’t exactly up-to-par with the song-writing ability and the production of memorable hits. Though, the report does admit that there were some pretty bad 80s hits. To check out the full analysis of pop hits from the two decades, click here.

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