Remembering Soul Asylum As Reissues Hit the Shelves

There is a fine line between being and 80s and 90s band after the mid-80s. The sound begins to change a bit and for a band like Soul Asylum, it may have been a good thing. Two new reissues have been released according to a recent report and it has us wondering if we’ve overlooked the group as an 80s band.

Remembering Soul Asylum As Reissues Hit the Shelves

“Now, thanks to Omnivore Recordings, the label responsible for putting Trip Shakespeare’s Are You Shakespearienced? and Applehead Man back into circulation, Soul Asylum is finally receiving the lavish reissue treatment,” according to CityPages.

“Omnivore recently released revamped versions of the band’s first two albums, 1984’s Say What You Will… Everything Can Happen and 1986’s Made to Be Broken, packaged with a generous number of bonus tracks on each.”

If you mention Soul Asylum, chances are folks are going to bring up the classics 90s hit, “Runaway Train,” however, the band actually had an incredible run in the mid-late 80s. Both Say You Will…Everything Can Happen and Made to Be Broken, had some pretty amazing tracks.

Meanwhile, the band’s overall sound blended nicely between two decades with some pretty sweet songwriting peppered in on their hits.

“The reissues of Say What You Will… Everything Can Happen and Made to Be Broken go a long way toward correcting any misconceptions and connecting the dots between eras,” according to the report.

So, you might want to revisit this awesome 80s band. For more information on the reissues and a bigger breakdown, click here.



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