The Story Behind the GLOW Soundtrack

If you’ve seen Netflix’s hit remake GLOW, you know there is a pretty awesome soundtrack that goes with it. According to a recent report, there is a pretty interesting story behind the GLOW soundtrack and how the creators chose the songs.

The Story Behind the GLOW Soundtrack

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about this absolutely amazing soundtrack. It’s mostly because the songs were perfectly selected to match the era and in terms of the show, perfect for each scene.

“Liz Flahive, who co-created the comedy with Carly Mensch, told Adweek that while the writers do want to get some of their favorite ’80s brands into GLOW, they don’t want to overdo the references,” according to AdWeek.

“We think about how it makes you feel before we think about anything else,” said Flahive of incorporating brands into the show, according to the report. “We’re also” very cognizant of the fact that we don’t want to be shoving Tab in your face every five minutes and not be over the top with our ’80s brands and references.”

You definitely get a sense of balance when you watch the show, especially when it comes to the music. That could be the reason why the show has been so successful so far, next to the stellar cast. Though, for the second season, there was quite the “sweet” influence behind some of the hits.

“One brand the writers wanted to incorporate in Season 2 was Nerds candy, which launched in 1983 and inspired the title of the second episode, ‘Candy of the Year,'” according to Flahive.

In that episode, Debbie (played by Betty Gilpin) mentions that Nerds were ‘1985’s candy of the year’—they were, according to the National Confectioners Association—and decides to distribute them to the audience to keep its energy level up during the wrestling matches.”

Who would have thought that such a simple sugary treat could determine everything about a season down to the music? Want to hear more about how the creators worked out the sounds of season 2? Click here.


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